What We Do

Athena is a data processing and visualization platform for the data of land, food, water, and energy.

We use the natural resources of land, food, water, and energy to power our everyday lives. But the data of these resources is so disaggregated and inaccessible that it is impossible to make intelligent, data-driven decisions about resource use. Today, data is so difficult to access and utilize that it is of little to no use, and vast amounts of data have no way to be turned into useful information.

The way things are today:

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We remove the data burden from managing food, water, and energy resources. We provide data services from the vast amounts of public data that we process and a business intelligence application that incorporates additional private data sources.

We have created a proprietary dynamic ontological model of land, food, water, and energy resources. Mapping the relationships between these four primary resources creates invaluable business intelligence. Land, food, water and energy are the basic building blocks of our lives and economies. As these resources become more scarce, Athena's understanding of the nexus of resource use and demands increases in value exponentially.



Why Athena?

Constrained resources, shifting climatic patterns, rising population, and increasing compliance requirements are converging to expose vulnerability within global resource systems. 


As pressures on global food, water, and energy systems continue to rise, companies are increasingly responsible for understanding the full gravity of emerging risks.

The data needed to mitigate these risks and create sustainable resource systems already exists. Unfortunately, it is mostly inaccessible due to the disaggregated and unstructured processes of data collection and collaboration in the resource production and distribution sectors.

We understand that the solution to this issue is not necessarily more or better data, but the ability to process existing data in a way that turns raw data into useful information. Our proprietary data processes and structure transform resource production data from a burden into invaluable business intelligence.

We have a deep, experience-based understanding that the markets of food, water, and energy are highly unique from other markets. Because of this, we know that the solution to the industry's information conundrum is not purely a technology solution; rather, one that is born from industry wisdom supported by world-class technology.


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who uses our product?


Corporate security & strategy professionals

Managing risk to maintain secure market position and shareholder value.

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corporate responsibility & sustainability professionals

Creating sustainability initiatives and tracking movement towards goals