Athena is a data processing and visualization platform for the data of land, food, water, and energy.

We use the natural resources of land, food, water, and energy to power our everyday lives. But the data of these resources is so disaggregated and inaccessible that it is impossible to make intelligent, data-driven decisions about resource use. Today, data is so difficult to access and utilize that it is of little to no use, and vast amounts of data have no way to be turned into useful information.

We remove the data burden from managing food, water, and energy resources. We provide data services from the vast amounts of public data that we process and a business intelligence application that incorporates additional private data sources.

Our business intelligence application makes it easy for companies and organizations managing food, water, or energy production to analyze the risks and opportunities in their supply chain by combining natural resource, processing/manufacturing, and production practice data. By enabling the utilization of existing data and allowing for easier capture of new data, we unlock the value in the supply chain's data and make it simple for companies to manage their resources more intelligently.


The way things are today:


Athena removes the data barrier of resource use

We have created a proprietary dynamic ontological model of land, food, water, and energy resources. Mapping the relationships between these four primary resources creates invaluable business intelligence. Land, food, water and energy are the basic building blocks of our lives and economies. As these resources become more scarce, Athena's understanding of the nexus of resource use and demands increases in value exponentially.


Land, food, water, and energy are the basic building blocks of our lives and economies. Why do we know so little about them?