Athena is a data processing and visualization platform for the data of land, food, water, and energy.

Two products are immediately available:


Business intelligence application

Access and understand the data necessary to create resource operations that are efficient, secure, and sustainable. 


Data Services

Athena provides data services to make custom tailored solutions more accessible for each organization.


Our business intelligence application makes it easy for companies and organizations managing food, water, or energy production to analyze the risks and opportunities in their supply chain by combining natural resource, processing/manufacturing, and production practice data. By enabling the utilization of existing data and allowing for easier capture of new data, we unlock the value in the supply chain's data and make it simple for companies to manage their resources more intelligently.

We sell data services to provide higher level awareness within the market about the state of land, food, water, and energy.


USE PROFILE: Food supply chains

Decision support for strategic and sustainable food supply chains

Athena combines natural resource, processing, and production data to provide business intelligence to the food production ecosystem. We process your company's data to make it more accessible and intuitive, while also incorporating additional elements of natural resource availability to give you a more accurate and holistic view of your supply chain.



Understand the larger context surrounding your operation by accessing natural resource data, including surface water and groundwater availability.

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Track movement towards company goals and supply chain health temporally. Analyze burgeoning risks as they develop.



Assess production performance metrics by viewing a more holistic picture of your suppliers; with the ability to weigh more variables than ever before. Identify top producers to retain and secure valuable assets first.



USE PROFILE: Energy Industry

Mapping the relationship between water and energy for smarter management

Water and energy are inextricably linked. As populations and standards of living continue to rise, more energy production will be necessary. Because water is required to produce energy, as well as food and economic growth, water management is essential to supporting the energy sector. Athena enables the intelligence to drive an optimized relationship between energy and water in order for energy producers and distributors to meet growing demand.


energy + Water

Groundwater status and risk is used in tandem with operational data to increase supply chain awareness.


Use Profile: Conservation Organizations

Providing a higher-level awareness of resource use and conservation

Conservation groups leverage Athena's data processing and visualization capabilities to monitor resources and track their progression towards conservation goals. Because many resources are interdependent or indirectly linked, collecting and monitoring the datasets needed to understand each resource in relation to each other is a burden for conservation organizations. Athena allows them to view many resource datasets together and focus on specific variables within each dataset to drive more intelligence about correlations.



Use Profile: Financial Services Industry

Quantifying operational impacts for smarter lending and investing

Converging pressures on financial institutions have encouraged banks, insurance companies, and institutional investors to vet the operational impacts of their potential investments. Through Athena's application, companies pursuing loans or investment can choose to tell their own compelling, data-driven, and quantified stories of continual improvement. Similarly, lending and investment organizations can calibrate their monetary decisions based on comprehensive risk.



Did you know?

Re-evaluating supply chains can lead to drastic improvements:

source: World Economic Forum, 2015


This is the most robust tool of its kind we’ve ever had at our disposal. We will use this to drive corporate strategy, CSR initiatives, and on-farm progress.
— Ag Sustainability Program Manager at a top 10 US food company

DATA Privacy & security

The customer’s interest come first at Athena Intelligence.   You control who the data is shared with, who accesses the data and if you decide to end your relationship with Athena, your data is returned and completely deleted from Athena Intelligence’s systems. 

Data Sharing and Privacy:

Athena Intelligence DOES NOT share, sell or distribute customer submitted data that identifies the originating source of the data without explicit prior customer approval.   As an example of explicit prior approval, using Athena’s system to share reports and analysis with someone outside of your organization.  Athena does reserve the right to aggregate anonymous, statistical data (derivative work), but in no way is this derivative work used in any way that violates the previously made statement regarding sharing without explicit prior customer approval. 

Athena works with customers to set up multiple login and data partitioning rules.  Customers decide what data is available with specific logins. 

Data Security:

Athena Intelligence utilizes cloud computing and data storage services including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure that are compliant with the ISO-27000 series of data security standards, which provide hundreds of controls and control mechanisms specifically designed keep information assets secure.