We Are the Voice of the Acre

Giving a voice to the where and how in agriculture production

The common problem.

The Agriculture industry lags all others in synchronizing and converting data into intelligence.

Every Acre having a unique fingerprint compounds the problem exponentially.

Stakeholders are linking sustainability metrics to capital and insurance underwriting.

The agricultural industry has been hit with a tsunami of data on farming practices.

Stakeholder demand for Growers and Producers to systematically generate sustainability metrics.

We give voice to the where and how in agriculture production.
The Athena Solution
AI and machine learning technologies generate virtual season simulations and predictive analytic models that optimize yield/price relationships
Reports providing immediate feedback on impact, risks and value through the production ecosystem.
Templates and guided workflows for easy on boarding setup and integration with Athena’s Voice of the Acre™
athena virtual season interface example

Our Products

We give voice to the where and how in agriculture production

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Virtual Season
Sustainability Reporting
Operational Reporting
Grower Management

Global impact

Our business intelligence application makes it easy for companies and organizations managing food, water, or energy production to analyze the risks and opportunities in their supply chain by combining natural resources, processing/manufacturing, and production practice data. By enabling the utilization of existing data and allowing for easier capture of new data, we unlock the value in the supply chain’s data and make it simple for companies to manage their resources more intelligently.

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